Your solution has been created and now its time to install and go live - Our team is here to help you every step of the way, from system implementation to training and ongoing system support.


We at Iconisys understand that for smaller businesses resources are limited, we will develop an implementation plan for you which takes into account the constraints. We will use the analysis of your businesss to advise you on the appropriate way to structure your data so that you get the best out of your solution

We can design any bespoke reports that may be required, and then the system loading can start. Whilst this may be a large amount of data, our team is here to support you and are able to assist with the importing of data to the system if required.

Implementing new systems can be complex and we therefore recommend running parallel with your current processes for 4-8 weeks. You will have numerous reports to assist in the checking and review process, and Iconisys can also assist in the reconciliation procedures as necessary. 



The implementation is only the start. To get the full use out the system and to make sure you keep on top of the latest facilities we offer detailed training sessions, tailored to your requirements. We can deliver these remotely via a webex or on site.

We can also offer top up sessions to provide you with ongoing support to existing staff or new users.

In addition you can keep up to date with our latest developments on our website and watch our webinars.


  Ongoing Support

As part of your ongoing maintenance package we offer 9-5 support - This can be for general user queries or for any other problems you may encounter. If there are additional reports that you require for your business then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss these.

If you have a maintenance contract as part of your software then you will automatically receive the latest versions of the software as they are released, you can install these yourself or one of our team can assist you with this.