Iconisys Agent Reporting

Everyone who has seen this system has been excited that it encompasses in one system so many of the requirements of a B2B agent.

The system is very flexible, and each business can tailor the system to their specific requirements.  It is fully customisable with a number of multilevel category structures, plus several built in tables to provide instant territory analysis, which themselves are also tailorable if required.

The key to any piece of software is useability, functionality and management information - The reporting available from Iconisys Agent allows you to have a better view of your company than ever before.

We also offer the unique option of being able to create bespoke reporting specific to your business requirements and in addition provide excel models that will extract the report data and provide you with further trend analysis to take your business forward.

The report structure will allow you to begin to understand your business better enabling you to understand such things as

  • Product Seasonality Trends
  • Top Product Sales Volumes & Top Product Commission Revenue Generators - Allowing you to target your sales team better
  • Cashflow forecasts
  • Top Performing Customers or Regional sales 
  • Production of year end reports for your Suppliers on sales patterns with the ability to provide accurate future forecasts.

We believe that the key to a better performing business is good systems and improved knowledge coming from reports. These combined with our teams knowledge of business, accounting and systems will be able to provide you with a solid platform to improve profits and performance.


The reports available have four main headings:


Bespoke Reports 

We understand that whilst one of our off the peg systems may fit your business model, you may require additional reports to be written so that you can get the full potential out of the solution. Iconisys are happy to do this - please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.