For Principals - What does Iconisys mean to you?

Iconisys Agent is useful to Principals too! Whilst the system will provide information to the Agent to perform their best for their Principals, it in turn can provide the Principal with data on sales which can be distributed throughout the Supply Chain. Allowing better more informed and more cohesive decision making. 


What are the problems of working with multiple Sales Agents?

There is a significant “gap” between what you know and what the Agent is doing, which is difficult to bridge, either the Agent is giving you as Principal information, or he is out selling, and the selling argument usually wins. 

Most Sales Agents will work with their own different systems, these could be manual, a mix of Outlook, Excel and other legacy programs, with one common factor, they do not link, and have minimal data validation.

This means that you as a Principal receive information in different formats from each Sales Agent – slowing down order entry within your business and causing potential errors during the processing of orders and consequently reporting maybe sporadic or non-existent.

By bringing all your Sales Agents in line, with your requirements using a common software platform you can streamline systems, reduced administration and create a network of information sharing.



Aligned Brand Image

By bringing all your agents on board with Iconisys Agent, we will help you rather than them create the formatting for all the documents you receive

This means that all order confirmations, and invoices will be identical from every single one of your Sales Agents, presenting a consistent and professional brand image that you control.

Within the standard system processes, once an order is entered it is emailed directly to the customer for confirmation, (with your attached terms and conditions) and to allow the customer to provide appropriate PO numbers and cross check what has been ordered.  Sales Agents are also required to give estimated delivery dates on the system for each order so the customer has an accurate expectation of when they will receive the goods 

All of this means you receive an order that has been verified, and with appropriate references to improve communications between you and your customers, your brand image improves, and you are more in control of how you are perceived by your customers.