Iconisys Agent

Iconisys Agent, is a one stop system for Agents. This system has been specifically designed to allow you to place track, and analyse orders with an ability to manage customer and supplier communications, and produce accurate commission calculations and billing.

With all this and the ability to provide a cashflow forecast for your business, Iconisys Agent will change the way you do business, helping you to work smarter.


Trouble tracking orders from suppliers, linking them to customers, ensuring commission is raised correctly, and keeping track of what is happening?

It is not unusual to have to use several systems including Excel, Word, plus Outlook, and manual logs to keep track of the administration that an Agent is required to do to ensure his or her business is working properly.

Iconisys Agent has taken these requirements, and put them into a multi user system that gives one platform, to manage the order process from start to finish.

Iconisys agent holds all the data about your, customers, suppliers, products, commission rates and orders. Allowing you to process orders in a streamlined way. 

The system will send confirmations to your customer of their order, and notifications to the supplier. Orders are moved through stages so you can view where in the process the order is an follow up as necessary.

Once the order has been delivered and/or paid for the system will complete your invoicing run and email your commission invoice to your supplier, furthermore you can then export the invoices out and import them into your accounting system to ensure one smooth process without the errors of data entry.

Reporting facilities allow you to see where your revenue generation is coming from, your top selling and top commission producing products, suppliers, customers and regions. Enabling you to target sales for business growth.

Automating accurate Commission Tracking and Charging processes help your business by: