Key Features

Iconisys Agent has been developed whilst working with agents and we have ensured it works to meet all your requirements

Some of the features are:

Intuitive / Easy to Use, colour coded screens, and integrated help screens, which will enable you to start using the system quickly.

Comprehensive Commission Module, multi supplier facilities, catering for promotional periods, and special customer rates, including special product promotions, based on customer payment criteria.

Raising of Monthly Commission Invoices, including stopped item facilities, with multi suppliers, and supporting reconciliation reports.

Auto E-mailing of Orders to Customers and Suppliers and E-mail Tracking, once an order is confirmed by the customer.

Order Update Tracking, throughout the life of the order to payment.

Daily Executive Update Reports, to provide an immediate overview of the day’s activities.

Fully Integrated Suppliers, Customers and Product Details

Extensive Management Information, reporting that allows your to understand your business better from all angles date driven to allow you full flexibility


A week’s work to produce two reports for a supplier from semi manual systems, on customer orders could be in excess of £2,000 on their own, whilst reports from Iconisys Agent© cost nothing and are accurate to the data input, and can be produced to print, .pdf or Excel.

Freeing up you and your staff to focus on revenue driving operations.


Data Import / Export Facilities

To make the implementation of the software a smoother affair your data can be imported into the system.

We also have the ability to import & export reports and data to excel to allow you to manipulate the data. And you can request us to produce some bespoke analysis models to aid your understanding of your business further.