Iconisys Agent Lite

Iconisys Agent Lite is our single user version of our flagship solution, at a lower cost and ensuring you have all the functionality you need to improve your workflows.

Iconisys Agent Lite Vs Iconisys Agent Pro

Whilst Agent Lite retains all the key features of the multi-user system that will ensure that your business reaps the reqards of better work flows and increased data reporting, some of the more complex functionality and reporting which would not be required by smaller firms has been removed. You still get a great product the will revolutionise your business at a lower cost.

Should you have a more complex environment which requires the higher level of functionality, Iconisys Agent Pro is still available to you as a single user and we will guide you to the most appropriate system for your immediate and future needs.

Below you will find the main differences between the two versions, contact us directly for more information and to discuss which is right for your business.