Bespoke Software

If you have a business problem then we are the people to find you a solution. We are uniquely positioned to look at your business needs and potentially develop a system around your industry whatever it may be – from education and public sector to small start up.

Our Mission at Iconisys is to use our knowledge of business systems to understand your company and its administrative burdens.  We are primarily focused to help small businesses improve their efficiency and profitability by advising and creating software solutions that are either bespoke to you or to your industry.

We will work with you to first Analyse your business and the issues you facing
with systems, or lack of them. 
Once we understand your business we can then Develop a plan with you including reviewing strategy and systems.
On agreement we will then begin the work to Create your solution for you. This could be creating a bespoke piece of software or using one of our off the peg solutions.
Our team will then assist you in implementing the solution and support you in making the changes to your business that will provide a more stable and profitable business.
Once all the hardwork is done we are positive you will see improvements to your business. And even then our support team are on hand with any issues you have with the system, and we can continue to provide strategy support so that you are always driving forwards.